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Modern classics

Stylish and affordable
payment accessories
of the future

Rings, wristbands
and key fobs with
contactless payment function

one touch

Certified by

Most common
uses for ALIOTH | PAY

As a gift Universal, creative and practical present that will surprise anyone and will remind of you for a long time.

Working out Take it to the gym, sauna, swimming pool or even to surf! Use it to buy a snack or something else at any time.

Travelling Any card can be linked to the wearable, without thinking that phone battery can die, or card can be lost or break.

Getting around Pay for your travel with one touch, without pulling out the phone or card.

Impressing people Some will be surprised with paying by touch, others will be impressed by the looks.

A new concept
of common accessories

Sometimes you need to look differently
at something very familiar.

Jewelry and accessories keep their looks for years and centuries, but the world is moving forward ALIOTH | PAY brand preserves classic shapes but gives them different, modern flavor.

ALIOTH | PAY offers accessories that used to be just part of the looks. These accessories allow self-expression where it wasn’t available before.

How does it work?

  1. Buy the accessory you like
    in our Web Store

  2. Download the ALIOTH | PAY App
    to your phone

  3. Use the most convenient
    contactless payment method

Top sellers

Mobile App

Your Flight control center

ALIOTH | PAY Mobile App is what truly makes our wearables smart.

It is aimed to provide most comfortable way of managing all your wearables

Manage your wearables Link your cards and download tokens
Full control Check your usage and expenses statistics
Deals Receive deals and special offers
Security and safety Instantly enable or disable your wearables
Purchases Order and purchase new accessories

Tokenization technology —
no plastic card is need anymore

No need to be scared of the “tokenization” word. Chances are,
you have encountered it before many times.

Tokenization is a process of creating a virtual card
– a token, linked to
your physical card. ALIOTH | PAY allows
issuing such token and loading it into any accessory
you find on our site.

Contactless accessories
is the future

Safe payments Ability to manage wearables in Mobile App ensures safety of your funds even
if you lose the wearable.

Longevity Our payment accessory lasts way longer than a plastic card Accessory itself doesn’t have limited life time, unlike a card. So you can re-link a new card to your wearable as many times as you need.

Mastercard Technology Mastercard and ALIOTH are strategic partners, ensuring reliability and stability of payments, and providing extra cashback options.

No charging Unlike phones or smartbands, ALIOTH | PAY accessories do not need to be charged — you’ll never get into situation where you cannot pay when you really need it.

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