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ALIOTH | PAY — Getting Started

Installing the app

Install the ALIOTH | PAY mobile app The app is available for Android or iOS platforms. Supported smartphones run on the following operating systems: Android versions 4.4 and newer (with a built-in NFC module or external adapter) and iPhone SE and newer (external BLE adapter required)

ALIOTH | PAY Account Registration

If you don’t have an ALIOTH | PAY account yet, go through a simple registration process.

Remember that your e-mail must be valid, as an activation link will be sent to it.

If you have created an account before, use it to log into the ALIOTH | PAY.

Device Management

After logging into the app, you will see the device list screen. If no devices have been added yet, the list will be empty.

All your devices will be shown here with information on linked payment cards and remaining downloads.

Adding a new device

There are two ways to add a new device:

  • Via built-in NFC (only for Android smartphones with built-in NFC)
  • Using the Visual ID from the device package – by scanning the QR code or entering Visual ID manually

Device Configuration

Next, you need to set it up. Click on the device image to go to the configuration menu, which will help you link and activate your payment card.

The first step is linking a payment card.

You can use any Mastercard card from supported banks.

Read the card data using NFC (only for Android with NFC) or enter it manually. Your card data won’t be stored in the application, but will be immediately transferred to your bank in encrypted form for issuing a token.

After clicking the “Next” button, you will need to accept the terms of your bank for using the service and wait for confirmation of token (your virtual card) issuing.

Downloading the token

Via built-in NFC
All you need to do is to attach the accessory to the NFC antenna of your phone. It is usually located on the back of your smartphone. Check manufacturer’s user guide if you have trouble locating it.

Just hold the accessory in one place once download
starts until it is completed.

This option will only be visible on supported phone models.

Via an external BLE adapter.
This download method is available if you have a smartphone without NFC or an iPhone 6 or older.

Follow the instructions on your screen to connect the BLE-adapter and download the token.

Activating the token

Last step of configuration is device activation. It is needed to
prevent unauthorized linking card operations for your wearables

Depending on activation method supported by your bank you will receive SMS from your bank with the activation code or call them to request the activation.
You will need to enter the code in the appropriate field.


Your accessory is ready to go. You can pay at any terminal that supports Mastercard contactless payments.