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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers for frequently asked questions regarding ALIOTH | PAY. If you could not find your answer – contact us at support@aliothpay.com and we will help you.

Tokenization is replacing the PAN number of your real card with an alternative PAN number to reduce usage risks. Basically, the virtual card is created into your accessory, that does not disclose the number of details of the original card. Even if the accessory is lost or stolen – your funds are safe. ALIOTH | PAY provides the service to issue tokens, load them into your accessory and then manage tokens (virtual cards) and accessories.

ALIOTH | Pay is a tokenization service offered to you as a customer by ALIOTH LLC company, so you could conveniently and securely pay with a stylish wearable device – ALIOTH | Pay accessory.

Currently you can link up to 20 accessories to a single account.

International payment schemes limit the number of tokens issued. Currently each Mastercard card can have up to 99 tokens linked.

Due to specifics of payment terminals operations, only one card can be linked to one accessory at any given moment of time. If you require to change the card – you need to remove current card and link another one. When the new card is loaded onto the accessory – the old one is erased.

Currently, debit, credit and pre-paid Mastercard Standard and higher are supported. The list of supported banks can be found here

We store only minimal set of data that is required to identify the wearable owner when providing technical support. All information is stored on servers in its respective regions and in compliance with local regulations.

This functionality is available on your Profile page. All data linked to your account will be deleted, all tokens will be deactivated and all accessories unlinked. The accessory cannot be used for payment until it is linked to another account and a new token is issued and loaded. Since the plan is linked to a specific wearable, the wearable accessory retains its current plan even after relinking to another account.

To inquire on your bank account please contact your bank. You can find your bank’s contact details in ALIOTH | PAY application:

1. Log into the application with your account

2. On “My Devices” screen choose the accessory in question

3. Press the Card icon

4. Choose “Card Information”

5. Press “Contact bank”

In case your accessory has no physical damage, you need to contact support via “Support” button in ALIOTH | PAY mobile application, or submit a ticket on www.aliothpay.com website. Don’t forget to attach an image or a screenshot and describe the problem.

In Russian Federation ALIOTH company provides support for accessories sold under ALIOTH | Pay, АЛИОТ brands.

You can find your card PAN number on the front side of your card or via bank mobile application if it supports this feature.

You can block your accessory via the ALIOTH | Pay application:

1. Log into the application with your account

2. On “My Devices” screen choose the accessory

3. Scroll down to the “Activation” area

4. Press “Deactivate”

Your accessory will be temporarily blocked.

To ensure security you can only activate your accessory after logging into your account in ALIOTH | Pay mobile application. It is the security feature in case the accessory is lost.